Digital marketing or Online marketing word is the most common topic nowadays. every traditional business marketing policy is changing now very rapidly. Most of end-user or customer now use a smartphone and use communicate with other through social media or others platfrom. As for digital marketing become popular to reach the targeted customers for every company or organization.

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SEO is not a service or process that can produce significant results in a few days, or even a few months, like web design or software programming. A complex algorithm determines how search engines list the results for any given search term or phrase. Our SEO Experts work hard to stay on top of this and to use only tried and true tactics to deliver results.

Here are a few components and strategies essential to help your customers achieve SEO success:

Marketing Strategy

  • Identify Target Customers
  • Describe Value Proposition
  • Keyword Research to identify the right keywords for your business
  • Marketing Content Calendar
  • Content Management
  • Content Creation and Promotion

Search Engine Optimization

  • Audit Current Website
  • Ensure Indexability of the pages on your website
  • Implement Site performance improvements
  • Relevance of the content
  • Build Authority – are other websites linking to your website?
  • User Experience – is the content clear to website visitors and easy to navigate
  • Optimize existing web page content for your target keywords
  • Monitor keyword performance for your site and against 3 competitors

Local Optimization

  • Accurate and Robust Business Listings – Quality and Quantity
  • Long-tail citation development with localized and industry-specific sites; building local authority

Reputation Management

  • Monitor and track all aspects of their online reputation across the major review sites
  • Monitor reputation across local ecosystem for follow up

Content Marketing

  • Be a trusted source for customers and an authority for the search engines
  • Social Media posts to create the right social signals for your website
  • Blog posts optimized for local search
  • Promote original content from the website to an effective distribution network to build quality links

Social Media marketing

We’re aware of how busy you are running your business and attending to the day to day challenges that it brings, so we’ve prepared some affordable social media plans for you. These will aid you in developing your social media presence and cater for both those who prefer a hands-off approach and those who’d like social media marketing training, but would appreciate some support.

Regardless of the package you select though, you’ll be looked after by a dedicated expert who will analyse your business and make insightful recommendations that’ll increase your brand exposure and maximise revenue.


Facebook is the core social media platform most people know of. Boasting over 1.62 billion users it has become ubiquitous, with 47% of all internet users visiting the site. But, are you using it for brand awareness, promoting new offers or as a customer service portal? Each use has its own specific approaches, all of which we’re well versed in.

A close contender to Facebook, Twitter  is focused around brevity and generates over 500 million tweets a day. It’s seen as the primary port of call when users want to communicate with a business, so a well defined tone of voice on it is crucial.
Instagram is the photographic goliath which is centred purely around photos,  with a young user base. A great platform for product based businesses to show the world their offering. We teach you how
to use it, take great photos and ensure they’re shared
A key player if marketing to professionals, LinkedIn has over 20 million members globally, making it an ideal platform to exchange information, share content and connect with customers.

A visually based platform with a strong female audience, Pinterest is perfect for sharing products or ideas with communities. We’re expert in getting you set up, creating your profile and ensuring you’re connected to the right people

Search Engine Marketing

The main benefits of using paid search marketing in Google Adwords is that it gives you:

  • 1. Great targeting. You can reach your target audience when they are looking for products, i.e. high purchase intent.
  • 2. Low wastage. With the right match types in Google Adwords, use of phrase match, exact match or broad match in combination with negative keywords, you can ensure that your ads are only shown when searchers are searching for relevant products.
  • 3. Predictability. Traffic volumes, ranking, returns and costs tend to more stable and more predictable than SEO.
  • 4. Speed. PPC listings appear much faster, usually in a few hours (or days if editor review is required). SEO has a much longer lead time, particularly important when new sites are created (the Google sandbox effect) or when ads need to be switched on and off for a campaign, promotion or stock changes.
  • 5. Control. Unlike SEO (with sufficient budget and staff or agency with good PPC skills) it is more straightforward to achieve high ranking and direct visitors to the relevant page on your site. With the right technology, and that means a bid management system, creative / copy and budgeting can be tightly controlled.
  • 6. High conversion rates. Following on from 1, PPC tends to have the higher conversion rates than SEO and much higher than display ads where viewers of the ads may click more on impulse.
  • 7. Branding effect. Tests by the IAB have shown that there is a branding effect with Pay Per Click, even if users do not click on the ad. This can be useful for generating brand awareness during the launch of products or major campaigns.
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